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Our team at PacificPond Charters core mission is to provide for a fun and safe environment for people of all ages to enjoy fishing on the Oregon coast.

Cancelation policy 


Cancellations require a 14-day notice prior to the trip to receive a full refund. All cancelations after the 14 days will result in a loss of 100 dollar security deposit. Cancellations within 7 days will be subject to the full rate of the trip. All cancellations are required to be conducted through the fareharbor system or by email to"> Cancellations over the phone or by text message are not accepted and do not qualify for the terms of this agreement. By booking a trip you agree to these terms and understand the commitment of booking a trip with PacificPond Charters. 

Date put into effect 11/9/2022

Fishing Location Policy


At PacificPond Charters we take pride in our ability to locate and target some of the largest fish on the Oregon Coast. Our Program has been developed over years of research and development including patterning fish migrations, studying bait and researching the ocean floor. Many of the folks that join us on our guided fishing trips are returning customers that enjoy what our program has to offer. Some of our customers purchase a trip to learn the secrets of unlocking the trophy grade of fish we have here off of the Oregon coast. As a rule we gladly encourage our clients to ask questions and learn as much as they can from our staff. What we do not offer is specific locations that we fish. In today’s world of accurate and readily available location recording devices this is a challenge to our business. We view all locations as proprietary intellectual property. By purchasing or accompanying some who has purchased a trip you agree to not record or mark any of the locations that you are taken to while on our vessel. This includes any tracking applications on your computer, tablet or phone and this is not limited to GPS coordinates. By recording or marking locations you are in violation of this policy and the agreement between yourself and PacificPond Charters and subject to the penalties below.

All violations to our “Fishing Location” policy are taken seriously. If we feel that you have violated this policy we make you aware of our concerns. If our concerns still continue we will launch an investigation. This investigation could be as soon as a violation is witnessed on the current trip. If you are found to have violated this policy and therefore our terms and agreement you will be invoiced for $2000 dollars per location that was recorded for individual use $10,000 for commercial or fishing guide/charter use and all court and investigative fees associated. Any transfer of information to another person or inity such as a commercial business or guide/charter business is also subject to a $2000 individual and or $10,000 commercial fishing or guide/charter. I.E. a person records a coordinate and transfers through any means that person would be subject to a $2,000 penalty for the recording and $8,000 for the transfers to another person totaling $10,000.  

Types of recording include but are not limited to:

Geo referencing on photographs, tracking services on your phone including marine navigation aids, snap chat, satalight texting devices such as Garmin InReach and other similar services, the use of your phones mapping service including apple maps and google earth are not permitted. 

This policy has been developed due to the emerging need to protect our ability to provide a consistent quality service for our clients. Here at PacificPond Charters we feel that all of our clients are part of our team. By a person stealing location they are stealing from our team and all the clients that are to follow. 

Environmental Conditions


While the ocean can be some of the most enjoy style of fishing it does come with some challenges. Wind, waves and river bar crossing present challenges to safely we navigating to the fishing grounds. Before you embark on a trip here are some of the conditions you may want to consider.



Our crews spend roughly 100 days a year offshore, of these days less than 10 present conditions that would be consistent with a large calm lake. On some trips conditions may present a difficulty in ones ability to stand up and move around the boat. We recommend that participants are in average level of fitness or better. A good rule of thumb is if you wouldn't be willing to go white water rafting you may want to consider your ability to fish on a rough day in the ocean.


Hours and Seating

We offer several different options for trips that range from 4 hours to 18 hours. This of course is a consideration when evaluating your ability to participate in a trip. While navigating we require all passengers to remain seated. Some of our trips like Albacore and Halibut fishing may take up to 4 hours to reach the fishing grounds. 


The Ride

Boats unlike cars don't have suspension to soften the ride. Depending on sea state the ride can be a smooth as a Cadillac or as rough a go cart going down a road full of potholes. This is unavoidable and we recommend that people with underlying medical issues such as back, neck, hip or dislocation issues consult their doctor before the commit to a trip. 



Our boats are not equipped with a restroom. we do however have a means to provide sanitation for emergency situations. This is a consideration in deciding your participation on long range trips. 

Service Rendered


Our core mission at PacificPond Charters is provided a safe and comfortable environment for our clients to enjoy angling for marine protein. Our normal fishing trips are between 6 and 8 hours. There are two circumstances that will lead to the trips being cut short. The first is we have reached our daily limit of the target species. According to ODFW laws you are only able to angle for your daily limit. If that limit is met for you, and all other anglers aboard we will return to process the days catch. In this occurrence a 100% of the daily rate will be billed. Our other common limiting factor is our strong and ever changing weather of the Pacific North West. If on a trip the weather is deemed to be potently hazardous the day will be cut short. The Captain of the vessel has the ultimate decision when it comes to making the call for hazardous and potentially hazardous conditions. In the event that the captain enacts this policy based on whether the trip will billed on a less than 3 hours, 3 hour and 4 hours criteria;

·         Less than 3hours 0% of the daily rate

·         3hours and fishing had commenced 50% of the daily rate

·         4 hours and fishing had commenced 100% of the daily rate

Notice the service rendered  hours above do not pertain to trip cancelations due to sea sickness or if a person request to come home. If trip is cut shot due to a person on boards decision the trip will be billed in full, if a single person decided that the trip is over that person is responsible to the total cost of the trip. 

When the weather is marginal, and the guests decides to go fish that day when presented with the options to cancel due to weather 50% of the cost of the trip will be billed if we turn around due to the weather. This allows us to cover our coast for the day and reimburse the captains for their time. 

As a fisherman once told me, fish have tails and can do whatever they want. This means that we cannot guarantee that you will catch your daily bag limit. In some extreme cases we may not even catch a fish. When this occurrence happens and you are unable to fill your daily bag limit however we fished the duration of your scheduled trip, 100% of the daily rate will be billed. We understand in these cases you may be disappointed in the outcome but trust us our staff wants to catch fish even more than you do.

The criteria above are a binding agreement between the payee and PacificPond Charters and outlines when services have been provided. 

Catch and Eat


Our Team at PacificPond Charters believes that when we leave to dock our core mission is to provide a safe and fun environment where you can collect your own marine protein.  As a rule we do not participate in catch and release fisheries. In its wholesomeness what this policy means that if you land a fish is mortally wounded and a legal to be kept it will harvested towards your limit. An area that the “Catch and Eat” policy is commonly enacted is during halibut season. Halibut retention is usually limited to one fish, when an angler lands a small halibut in the first hours of the day they usually elect to release it. If this fish is mortally wounded, the angler will be required to harvest and tag that fish. The captain is the ultimate decision maker when it comes to enacting this policy. Unwanted or breading fish may be leased as long as they are undamaged and have a high probability of survival.  

Health Screening Questionnaire


Our team at PacificPond Charters is dedicated to the safety of you and all of our guests. We want to make sure that our time on the water is fun and enjoyable for everyone on board. Offshore fishing is an extreme sport and requires a level of personal health to land some of these hard pulling fish. This being said some of our trips take us to remote locations. In some cases the closest emergency medical treatment may be hours away. Because of this we require that all of our guests review this “Health Screening Questionnaire” and decide for themselves if they are capable of joining us for one of our trips. This screening is for you and you only, if you have questions about your ability to participate please visit with your doctor.

Have you or have you had:

·         A history of motion or sea sickness

·         A heart attack, heart surgery, pacemaker or any other heart complications

·         A personal experience or doctor’s advice of a physical reason that would prohibit you lifting heavy objects or participating in strenuous activity.

·         Uncontrolled diabetes

·         Chest pain or discomfort with exertion

·         Unusual breathlessness with exertion

·         Dizziness, fainting, blackouts

·         Back, spine or shoulder issues

·         Issues standing, including on pitching and rolling surfaces

·         Issues sitting for more than 2 hours

·         Issues with small impacts (I.E. a series of large pot holes while driving)

·         Physically inactive (less than 30 minutes of physical activity 3 days a week)

If you’ve answered yes to one or more of these questions please consult your doctor prior to participating in one of our trips. 

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